If you wish to cancel your advert we need this in writing via email giving us enough notice. Send your email to accounts@localreach.co.uk. Please note if you cancel after the deadline printed inside LocalReach each month your advert will still be published and you will still be charged.

To cancel your direct debit write to us via email to accounts@localreach.co.uk and we will either cancel your direct debit or suspend it for future use.

All our prices have a built in 20% discount. When you book an advert you enter into a contract with LocalReach Ltd. The price you may indicates what advert size you have booked and also the length of time your advert runs for.

If you book for 3 months and get the 3 month discount but cancel on the second month you will still have to pay for 3 months.

Have more questions regarding our policy terms? Contact us at any time to discuss further

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