In order to get the best possible result from your advert, follow our artwork guidelines when creating your artwork

We can accept most file types but many will necessitate re-working if they are not supplied in line with our artwork guidelines below:

Artwork must be created to the exact size that your advert will appear (see artwork guidelines image below for the standard sizes). For all full page adverts please include a 3mm bleed. The final artwork should be cmyk colour format with a minimum of 300dpi for bitmap images.


This is the print industry standard and any software package that can write to a PDF will give various options and you must choose ‘Press’ quality (300dpi). Even if you’ve selected “press quality”, if the document you’re printing contains low resolution graphics (e.g. screen-grabs or web graphics), the resulting PDF will only retain the low resolution images as converting to a press PDF will not improve the quality. Therefore ensure you use high quality graphics in any origination!

JPEGs and TIFs

These are acceptable if they are a minimum of 300dpi at actual size.

Vector Graphics

Ensure any bitmap images are cmyk and embedded. All fonts should be turned to outlines

RGB Colour space

Any file supplied in RGB will be converted to CMYK and no responsibility can be taken for any colour shift this action may invoke.
Therefore, change to CMYK yourself to ensure colours are as you intend them to be.

Artwork Guidelines - standard sizes

LocalReach advert sizes

Contact us for further help and information.

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