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The results speak for themselves 

Before starting with LocalReach I advertised in lots of local publications as I believe in print advertising for my business. I was blown away by the response LocalReach provided me with. I love the fact they are delivered by the Royal Mail reaching homes that no other magazine covers. I started with 2 editions and now I am in all 8 editions, covering over 110,000 homes every month! I monitored, tracked and compared the response of LocalReach compared to all of the other ways I advertise. The results speak for themselves. 

Nigel Hammond, Eddy Leasing Company Ltd 


So, where do I start? 

Well, many, many moons ago, about 6 years to be precise, Harvey from LocalReach Community Magazines walked into our then new Cheddar Branch of Laurel & Wylde Estate Agents like some excitable giant. Shortly afterwards I have had various (business and life) conversations with James who owns (what is now) the hugely successful business, LocalReach and in a world where newspapers and magazines are diminishing, James and his fabulous crew are still expanding… Much like us here at Laurel & Wylde! 

From the very beginning until today, some 6 years later, James and his team have always been extremely polite, on the ball and punctual with everything they say they are going to do for us, I genuinely cannot fault a single part of their business and never do they not do what it says on the tin, particularly Rob who works behind the scenes doing all of the artwork for the adverts and putting the magazines together, he really is (in my opinion) one of LocalReachs USP’s, I can’t help but think that all the other publications must be jealous of LocalReach having a ‘Rob’, he’s exceptional and always makes my adverts look better than I expect. 

In terms of what LocalReach does for us as a business, well, there really isn’t anything to say other than It’s a beautiful cog within a huge clock that just keeps on ticking day in and day out, there is no other newspaper or magazine or book form of marketing in this area that can give us better exposure, and indeed, better brand awareness! It is fantastic for us and something that we will always want to invest in. 

Nick Puddy, Laurel & Wylde Estate Agents 


LocalReach represents good value for money and a worthwhile return on our investment 

Eyetech Opticians are an independent, local opticians. We are independent because we believe in offering our patients the best in eye care and the best in eye wear, free from corporate policies and sales targets. 

Being independent means that we can set appointment lengths to suit your care needs and we can source contact lenses, spectacle frames and spectacle lenses from a wide range of suppliers. This means that your care needs are looked after and if your vision needs correcting we can dispense the very best for you. 

Eyetech Opticians have advertised in the Street & Glastonbury edition of LocalReach Community Magazines since it launched over 10 years ago. We have a half page advert together with a half page of editorial, which with LocalReach’s help, we update every month. Many clients who visit me for eye care, have read my articles and many have come as a result of both the editorial and my accompanying advert. The team at LocalReach keep me informed of print deadlines and are happy to help me with designs and suggestions on the adverts. I believe that most local people wish to support local businesses and they therefore find the magazine both interesting and informative, something which they can return to as and when. We do not have a massive advertising budget and our reputation locally is built on good customer service and personal recommendations. I believe that advertising in the LocalReach Community Magazine gives me good value for money and a worthwhile return on that investment. 

Adrian Springett, Eyetech Opticians 


Why do I advertise in LocalReach Magazine? 

Hi I’m Martyn Hambling owner operator of Copper Beech Cleaning, an independent Cheddar based carpet and upholstery cleaning company. This is my 5th year of advertising in LocalReach Magazine. Why do I continue to advertise? Because it works for me and represents good value to my business. A lot of people have said “printed advertising is dead and everyone looks online now. I disagree with that view and believe there is a place for both and they complement each other well. Customers often say to me, I have been meaning to get my carpets/sofas cleaned for ages then saw your ad whilst browsing through LocalReach and it prompted me to call you. Or I get an email enquiry that starts “I saw your ad in the…”! 

That is why there is still room for print. It prompts people to act who may otherwise forget/ delay action and that goes for all ages, young and old. I use my advertising to draw attention to services that I want to promote in the coming month. Sometimes, using editorial to do this. I know this works because I get a corresponding increase of enquires in that area. I like the fact the magazine is based around small geographic areas and customers often feel more confident to deal with local trades people. The other advantage is that distribution is via the Royal Mail rather than local distribution. This means you can be confident it goes to every post code in the area. Not much point in advertising to 10,000 homes if it only reaches 5,000! 

I have found the LocalReach team to be easy and helpful to work with and their in-house graphic design team are good at turning your words and images into good advertising. As a small business owner I don’t have a big advertising budget and can’t afford to waste money on advertising that doesn’t work but this does work for me and I hope it will work for you too. 

Martyn Hambling, Copper Beech Cleaning Ltd 


LocalReach’s service has been superb 

Colourfence have been advertising with LocalReach Community Magazines since February 2020 after looking for local publications to advertise our fencing product. 

Since this date we have had a HUGE response from LocalReach readers who look for local businesses, much so that we have also gone into more of their magazines to target our key areas, especially their new Weston-super-Mare & Worle magazines to cover a further 35,000 homes & businesses. 

It is a pleasure working with the team at LocalReach, we have had excellent communication regarding our monthly adverts and their service has been superb. They allow us to include editorial with are adverts which we know the readers read. 

We have found that magazines and print publications have not succumbed to being dormant and know that our customers still love to pick up a magazine and have a good flick through rather than just trawling the internet. They tend to read LocalReach from cover to cover and trust the advertisers inside with their business. 

If you are looking to market your business locally then I have no hesitation in recommending LocalReach Community Magazines for your advertising. They are delivered by Royal Mail each month so we know that all our current customers and potential customers see our adverts each month guaranteed! 

Shelley Stewart, Colourfence 

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